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Mailbag: Finding New Offensive Production? Michael Gallup's Skill Set?



With the release of Dez and the retirement of Jason Witten, the Cowboys' 2018 offense will look very different from recent years. But, will the new version of the offense really scare anyone? Replacing Dez Bryant and Jason Witten with "committees" does not sound like a recipe for big plays. Where will the production on this offense come from?

Bryan:The offense will change in the red zone. Losing Bryant and Witten will not help that situation. They will need to find some reliable players in that area. They will always want to run the ball first in order to set up their play action game. Establish the run and things will trend back to what we saw in 2016 -- ball control and helping the defense. Teams that take this approach don't often have big plays. Where they really need to improve in the passing game is getting Cole Beasley going again. Opponents did a good job of taking him out of the offense. For Prescott to have success, they need to get that part of the offense going again.

Rob:I know the Cowboys say they're not living in a world with a true No. 1 receiver this year, but they'd also love someone to step up. To me, that's Allen Hurns. He has a golden opportunity to be the 2018 version of Miles Austin, who broke in 2009 the year after the Cowboys let T.O. go. You still need someone defenses have to worry about snap to snap.



When I watch clips and highlights of Michael Gallup it reminds me of another Michael when he was young – Irvin, of course. Is it me or does his game speed seem faster than timed speed?

Bryan:Gallup physically doesn't look like Irvin, but you're right -- he does play fast. I have always felt that his best trait was his ability to separate. The minute he steps on the field you will be able to see that. This is an area that this offense lacked and he can bring it.   

Rob:Whoa, no comparisons to Mike, please. It's not fair to anybody. But I see your point about game speed. Gallup does seem to have that. The other thing Jason Garrett has mentioned is competitiveness. The Cowboys love how Gallup competes and fights to make plays.

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