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Mailbag: How Does McFadden Affect Zeke? Decision To Release Jackson?

Will Ezekiel Elliott's playing time be affected by the return of Darren McFadden?

Bryan: I don't believe so. Where I would like to see McFadden play is in that nickel role for Lance Dunbar. He does a better job as a pass blocker due to his size and technique. The guy that might be affected is Alfred Morris. 

David:He might get third down and some kickoff duties, but I honestly see McFadden as more of an insurance policy for Zeke. I assume nothing about Zeke's workload is going to change unless it's because of injury. But it certainly doesn't hurt to have another well-rounded running back behind him.

Releasing Darius Jackson makes no sense to me.  I know that the backfield had become crowded but could they not have gone a different way?

Bryan: I think they could have. I might be wrong but I wouldn't be surprised if he gets claimed. If I was a GM on a poor team thinking about 2017 - why not put in a claim especially if you had a decent grade? Running backs are easier to plug and play in a short amount of time so you would have a shot to evaluate him. 

David:It was a puzzling move, in my opinion. Jackson flashed in the preseason and training camp, and the coaching staff clearly liked him if they kept him on the roster for 14 weeks despite not using him. It's always easy to overinflate the value of a player that has yet to contribute, but a 23-year-old running back sounds much more appealing to me than a 29-year-old.


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