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Mailbag: How Does The RB Spot Shake Out? Jerry's Draft Comments?

I'm excited about Alfred Morris. Does this mean the starting running back spot would be determined by open competition and if they still draft a running back, what does that mean for Lance Dunbar? Would they carry four?

Bryan: They've carried four as recently as last season. I see Darren McFadden getting the first opportunity at reps when we start camp. What you have to remember about McFadden as well is that he is a more complete back that what you have with Morris. McFadden catches the ball and blocks better than Morris, so my gut tells me that he is not just going to roll over and let Morris take his job. I will also say that I do believe they would draft a rookie as well if it is the right fit.

David: I absolutely think they're willing to carry four. At points during last season, they carried four running backs and a fullback, so there's that. You also have to consider the possibility that Dunbar starts the season on PUP because of his injuries. I also think the Cowboys are going to spend a draft pick at the position. I don't know it'll shake out, but training camp promises to be a fun battle.



Ok, so help me understand something. Jerry says that, because of what we accomplished in free agency, that we can now take the best player available. Yet, he says QB or RB is unlikely. What if Wentz/Goff or Elliott are highest on their board, will they take one of them.

Bryan: What is interesting about Jerry's comments is that they haven't built their board yet. He might have an idea of where the starting point is on some of these players, but he is far from seeing the finish line. His attitude and opinion could change once they put those tags up on the wall in another week.

David:I would take anything you hear from an NFL executive around this time of year with a big grain of salt. The Alfred Morris signing makes it hard for me to believe the Cowboys would draft Ezekiel Elliott at No. 4 overall, but it'd be a mistake to rule anything out – regardless of what Jerry says.

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