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Mailbag: How Does The Scheme Change Without DeMarco Murray?

The skillset for these running backs seem pretty similar -- especially in terms of running styles. Do you see the coaches doing special packages to take advantage of any strengths I am not seeing? Or do you think the offense will run very similarly to when No. 29 was there?

Bryan: I think you will see some similar plays in the zone scheme, but I think where things will be different is that you will see the ball go more to the outside. More pulling linemen and plays in space – these backs have better speed and quickness. They will take advantage of that.

David:It's easy to envision a role for Lance Dunbar because his speed and his hands make him a logical choice as a third down back. The other three running backs all seem remarkably similar in terms of what they bring to the table. I don't know if you'll see a major difference in scheme, but I highly doubt you'll see one feature back used as frequently as Murray was. I expect this group to share the load a lot more evenly.

Which would be more impactful this year: Having another 1,800-yard rusher, or having the defense go from 15th in points per game to 10th?

Bryan: Scoring defense. The bottom line – you don't score you lose. This offense will put points on the board without the 1,800 rusher no doubt in my mind.

David:Ideally, you'd hope the Cowboys can replicate the rushing success with multiple players – let's say, for instance, a 1,000-yard back, a 600-yard back and a 400-yard back. So I'll go with the defense, because an improvement that big would mean we're likely looking at big seasons for the pass rushers and the secondary.

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