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Mailbag: How Is Sanchez A Good Fit For The Offense? Surprises At Final Cuts?


What makes Mark Sanchez a good fit for this offense and gives him a better chance to succeed than past backup quarterbacks this team has had?

Bryan:They were looking for a veteran starter with experience. If Romo stays on the active roster as the third quarterback, they are going to need a guy that could back up Dak Prescott but also step in if something happens. Watching Sanchez in the preseason he was throwing the ball better than what I saw from Austin Davis who the club was also considering. If they play this right, Sanchez hopefully will not have to play.

Rob:Adding to what Bryan said, I think you have to look at it this way: Sanchez has 72 career starts with the Jets and Eagles. That's far more experience than any backup quarterback available in free agency. So, given the circumstances, that's a solid insurance policy for Prescott, who will fill in for Romo while he's out. And when Romo returns from injury, Sanchez would have to be the most experienced third quarterback in the league.


Even though the final 53 is still fluid, are there any of the personnel retained or let go that surprised you and why?

Bryan: I was surprised that they went long at safety. I didn't have Wilcox on my final 53 but they saw value in him. Was also surprised that they didn't use their claiming spot (which they still hold) to grab at least one player regardless of the position. The department had to have a favorite guy but could have been held up due to the coaching staff.

Rob: I'm surprised they kept six running backs, counting the two fullbacks, even though I understand the reasoning. Rod Smith can help at running back, Keith Smith can help at linebacker, and both can be core special teams contributors. I'm surprised Lawrence Okoye and Ryan Russell both didn't make the team. The Cowboys only have eight defensive linemen, and rookie Charles Tapper has been dealing with a back injury, but linebacker Kyle Wilber can pitch in a rusher if needed. And you can argue Dax Swanson's roster spot is a bit of a surprise, though if you watched him return punts in preseason, you know he's got talent.

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