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Mailbag: How Many Safeties Make The Team? La'el Collins' Versatility?


With the position flex of first-round pick Byron Jones and free agent addition Corey White, could the Cowboys keep only three safeties on the roster and use Jones and White if needed back there since they can play both corner and safety? This frees up a roster spot to go long elsewhere.

Bryan: That is actually nice big-picture thinking on your part. With Jones and White playing safety you could carry an extra position player and you could also free up another roster spot if you believed that Dustin Vaughan could handle backup quarterback and move on from Brandon Weeden so that would give you two.

David:That's a great point, and it's part of the fun of determining the final roster. It'll likely depend on how guys like Danny McCray perform in training camp and the preseason, but you could potentially see it happen. It also depends on other positions. Will the fringe defensive linemen be impressive enough that the coaches want to go long? Will Dustin Vaughan prove himself worthy of a third quarterback spot? If they can get away with using fewer defensive backs, it might help the logjams at tight end and running back. Just another fun storyline to watch in training camp.


I watched a clip of La'el Collins running downfield routes and he seems quite agile and athletic. Do you see a possibility maybe in goal line or short-yardage situations where he could line up at tight end and create an advantage having an extra lineman?

Bryan: Collins is very athletic in regards to moving down the field. We have yet to see him work at any other positions than guard and tackle but there is always the possibility of putting him as the end man on the line of scrimmage and going from there.

David: I'm not sure that an Instagram video of Collins outrunning Laurence Gibson is going to convince anyone that he should be playing tight end. But the Cowboys absolutely have the spare bodies on the offensive line to throw out some interesting jumbo packages. In goal line situations, I'd be interested to see how many of these guys they could throw out on the line.

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