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Mailbag: How Much Emphasis On Combine Results? Dak Prescott's Ceiling?


There are always players who have extremely nice Combines but somehow fail to live up to expectations, and vice versa with bad Combines turning into solid players. How do scouts and coaches refrain themselves from falling in love with a player who has impressive numbers in the Combine?

Bryan: What scouts know is that the tape is the most important thing. If a player plays well on tape you know that you can count on him. Players can train for this Combine and improve but that tape tells the story. On the other hand, if a player struggles at the Combine my experience is that we generally see them improve at their Pro Days. Always remember, the Combine is for the medical and interviews the workouts are just something to do with the players while they are all together.

Rob: Drills and 40 times and measurables, all that stuff matters. But I believe the tape tells the most about a player. Combine week is also valuable in that teams get to meet with prospects and do the medical checks on guys with injury history. That's just as important as the on-field work -- maybe more so. The quarterbacks' hand size gets a tad too much coverage, in my opinion. Just a tad.


I've read comparisons on ESPN and linking Dak Prescott to Tim Tebow. After watching the passing drills at Indy and viewing his "primetime games" in the SEC, I feel like he is a much better passer than Tebow ever was. What is your take on Dak as a potential pick this year in comparison with the other second-tier quarterbacks coming out (Brandon Allen, Jeff Driskel, Christian Hackenburg, and Connor Cook)?

Bryan: I have Prescott in the mix with guys like Allen and Hackenberg. I agree that he throws the ball better than Tebow and has always done so. I have him on my board in the third round so we will see where he lands.

Rob: Yeah, it should be noted that not all the Tebow comparisons are considered negative. Like Tebow, Prescott was regarded as a terrific leader in college. Like Tebow, he can be a dual threat. The question about Prescott has been whether he can make all the throws from the pocket and operate from under center. Non-scout opinion: watching a lot of SEC football over the years, I agree he's a better passer than Tebow and could develop into a starter with time.

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