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Mailbag: Impressions Of Dustin Vaughan And La'el Collins?

Toby Schmidt
Billings, MT

Do you think with some continued success that we could finally see Vaughan move into the No. 2 spot?*

Bryan:Good start for Vaughan – if you do see the continued success then the question does become how comfortable are you with him as your backup. In my mind I have said that I wouldn't make any decisions on the future of Dustin Vaughan until I saw him play in all the preseason games, then at that time I would make that call. My hope is that he does play well enough to be the No. 2 here.

David: After watching him play well in live action, I'm at least intrigued to see what Vaughan can offer through the rest of this camp. His play against the Chargers was definitively better than anything we've seen out of him at practice. It's going to take more than that for him to unseat Brandon Weeden, but it's a solid start for him to build on heading into the second game.


Nick Koonce
Omaha, NE

In our preseason opener versus San Diego it appeared as though La'el Collins played very well throughout the game. There were a few plays where his technique was sloppy and he ended up on the ground. However, I felt that he held up very well in pass protection and did a great job at getting to the second level in the run game. I know that Ron Leary has played well, but with Collins' athleticism and upside, how soon can we expect to see him taking snaps with the ones?*

Bryan:You are a little late to the party sir – Collins has been taking snaps with the first offense as of last week and like his game last night there has been some good with the bad. He has going to have to be more consistent if he is going to take this job away from Leary.

David: I really like the words "athleticism and upside" to describe Collins' game. You can tell that he's got the potential to become much more than what he is right now. I still think I might give the nod to Leary, because he's a more experienced and polished player, but it'll be interesting to see how much the rookie can push him as camp continues. There's no denying he looked impressive. 

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