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Mailbag: Increasing Lucky Whitehead's Role? DBs Up To The Challenge?

With Lucky Whitehead having the type of speed that he has, will we begin to see them take shots deep down the field to allow him to get behind the defense?

Bryan: It does make sense what you are asking, considering what you have seen around the league --especially with a player like DeSean Jackson. Usually smaller players are not great deep threats because their size limits how well they play in the air. Where Jackson is different is that he is able to separate, and I feel like Whitehead would need to show these coaches that he could consistently do that before they do that. I think getting the ball in Whitehead's hands quickly is always the best option first.

David:I don't know if they'll start chucking him bombs, but I do worry that the Cowboys need to diversify Lucky's repertoire, or else opposing defense's will begin to key on these fly sweeps that he has run so well. If anything, I'd be interested to see him run some screens.

Green Bay doesn't have the all-star receivers, but they have a quarterback that can thread the needle with his passing.  The Cowboys will have to cover those receivers closely and limit the zone defense.  Can the Cowboys' corners and linebackers blanket the Packers' receivers without drawing interference or holding penalties?

Bryan: I wrote that this morning for my game preview. The teams that have had success against the Packers have been able to cover these receivers. One of Brandon Carr's best games last season was his work in shutting down Jordy Nelson – so they will need that same type of effort except against Randall Cobb. This is a game where you especially miss Orlando Scandrick and putting three quality corners on the field. My worry in this game is not Carr or Claiborne, but what we see from Tyler Patmon and his role as the nickel. My gut tells me that Aaron Rodgers is going to look to find him in this game and take advantage of that.

David:Honestly, if you go back and look it over, it's not as if the Dallas pass defense is getting gashed on a regular basis. They gave up some big plays to Tom Brady and the Patriots, but they have only allowed one 300-yard passer this season – which was an overtime loss to New Orleans. I think they have what it takes to cover these receivers, but I'm not confident they can limit Rodgers' ability to make a play over the course of 60 minutes.

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