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Mailbag: Interest In Bringing Back Durant? Forecasting Carr's Future?

Any chance the Cowboys make a run at Justin Durant at linebacker? He seemed to fit the scheme well and would provide valuable experience and he is only 30.

Bryan: Justin Durant did a nice job while he was here. He was outstanding on the field and in the locker room, respected. As I type these words I have reached out to some folks that might know if this is at all possible? There is nothing holding me back to say it wouldn't be a consideration, but there will no doubt be conversations about how much he'd cost and how much he could be expected to produce.

David:I wanted the Cowboys to keep Justin Durant at this time last year, but Atlanta was willing to offer him a little bit more. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to it, but now that he's already gone I wonder if it's worth it. The price tag is always the first thing to consider with potential free agents, but also: where would he play? Sean Lee has moved into the spot that Durant would normally occupy, and I don't know if I'd want him playing in the middle. He could perhaps play on the strong side, but you might be able to better bolster that position in the draft. It's not something I'd go as far as to write off, but I wonder if that time has passed.


Why does everyone seem to be so down on Brandon Carr? He almost always seems to be in position with the ball just out of reach. Wouldn't a pass rush benefit him and the other corners by having the QB throw earlier?

Bryan: The problem with Brandon Carr is that everyone knows exactly to the penny how much money he makes and they don't see the production for the return – period. You are right, a pass rush would help the entire defense but there also comes a point in time where you have to make a play when the situation calls for that. Carr has the ability to get his hands on more passes but he just doesn't do that and there is your problem. I don't care how much money you're paid – just go out and make a play.

David:Bryan's absolutely right. No one would care about Brandon Carr's level of production if his contract wasn't worth $50 million. And to be fair, people have every right to be critical. No interceptions in two years from a guy making that kind of money is a horrible return on the investment. All of that said, I see a lot of talk about possibly releasing Carr because of his contract – and I just don't know about that. Mo Claiborne is entering free agency, and Orlando Scandrick is rehabbing a serious injury. If you part ways with Carr, the depth in your secondary looks scary. 

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