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Mailbag: Interest In Signing Joe Haden? Is It Necessary To Keep 3 QBs?

Are you hearing anything on interest in Joe Haden? He's relatively young and above average at best, but having another decent veteran CB (for the right price) would give us a bit more confidence in our secondary with the rookies missing so much of the preseason.

Bryan:In watching him, he's having trouble with speed. He's more comfortable dealing with guys that really can't run. Can still mirror and adjust. Reactionary player. Has had a bad history of injuries that you must go through. One year deal would be the best option if they did anything. 

David:I usually roll my eyes at these types of questions, but I'm certainly interested if a two-time Pro Bowler can be had for a fair price. The two things that concern me are his injury history and his asking price. I don't think the Cowboys are interested in stretching their budget, so it'll be interesting to see what the market is. I have a feeling another team will be willing to pay him more than the Cowboys want to.

Do you feel that it might be wasting a roster spot to carry three QBs? I believe I heard that Kellen Moore is still eligible for the practice squad so why not stash him there? I doubt there would be a lot of interest in him.

Bryan: Because it hasn't been determined that Moore is not your backup quarterback. Until that happens you aren't going to make any such moves or have those discussions. 

David: In my personal opinion, it feels redundant to carry two young, unproven quarterbacks behind Dak Prescott. If Cooper Rush has definitely outplayed Kellen Moore, I'd keep him and call it a day. If the Cowboys are going to keep three quarterbacks, I'd prefer they keep a true veteran presence in Luke McCown. But I don't think they're going to do that.

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