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Mailbag: Is Dez Too Intense? How Many Cowboys Injuries Are Serious?

Everyone knows that Dez Bryant is an intense player that goes 100 percent every play and even on the sidelines, but is there a way to reel Dez in a little bit so his emotions don't get in the way of his play or are detrimental to the team?  We certainly don't want Dez to be hurt because of it.

Bryan: When we ask Jason Garrett about the Dez the first word out of his mouth is "passion." Garrett doesn't see Dez as a problem no matter how emotional he is and there is no way that he will try and change that.  

David:The last thing the Cowboys want to do is curtail Dez Bryant's passion for football. It's part of what makes him so good. That said – in my opinion, at least – there's got to be a way for him to think more critically in situations like that. He's either going to get himself hurt or get in trouble. It's not hard for me to imagine a scenario where Dez get himself tossed from a game because he's too worked up – and that's troubling.


As fans, all we have heard in the news lately is another Cowboy is injured. If this Sunday was the first week of the regular season, who would not be playing? Or am I right to assume that most of these injuries are just keeping players out of practice and the team is being overly cautious?

Bryan: From what I have been told that they are not going to push these injured players and will only put them on the field when they are ready to return. We have yet to hear of any season-ending injuries and that is really key here.

David:If the Cowboys were playing the Giants on Sunday, rather than the 49ers, I'm confident that the vast majority of their injured players would be suiting up. It's the preseason, which is the wrong time to push guys. Better to be frustrated that they aren't practicing than frustrated because someone is out for the year.

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