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Mailbag: Is La'el Collins Back To Guard An Option? Faith In Rush As The Backup?



I keep reading how now the Cowboys are going to move Lael Collins back to left guard and replace him with one of these free agent tackles coming in this week. My first response to this would be that that is incorrect. The last year you all have been saying that keeping Collins at tackle was the best decision, as well as saying he performed very well, overall. I was thinking the tackles they're talking to this week would be swing tackle candidates. Or am I totally wrong here?

Bryan: Let's get this straight. Nobody in the organization has said that they're moving Collins. Until we hear that from them or see it with our own eyes it's just speculation. It is likely that they're looking for a swing tackle that could not hold them hostage if something happens to Smith. 

Rob: Bryan's right – it's all speculation at this point. However, just for conversation's sake, I'd keep Collins at tackle. We talk about Byron Jones needing to find a permanent spot on defense. This would be sort of the same issue. Collins played his best football as the season went along, clearly adjusting to his new role. Why move him back after investing a year of development at that spot?



As much faith as the coaching staff had in Cooper Rush last season as the backup QB, do you think they still feel the same right now? Or do you see us adding an experienced backup QB?

Bryan: I think Cooper is their guy. After a year in the system, there has to be a certain comfort level with him. If he has another preseason like he did in 2017, we might see him in a more competitive situation in 2019 depending on how things go for Prescott. 

Rob: Jerry Jones told us at the Combine that they'd be more inclined to find and develop another young quarterback rather than bring in a veteran backup. To me, that says they feel pretty good about Rush's spot as the backup, at least for next season.

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