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Mailbag: Is Pass Rush The Top Priority?; Re-Sign DeMarco Murray, Or Not?

Will the Cowboys place as much emphasis on bolstering the front four on defense as they emphasized on the offensive side of the ball? Whether through the draft or free agency. We need that game changer.

Bryan: In listening to Stephen Jones talk on Monday about offseason needs, one of the main points he made was about getting defensive help. With the way that the Cowboys have drafted the last several seasons and Will McClay's ability to find one or two quality players out of the free agency market, it appears that will be the route that they go. It has been a solid plan and will continue to be used going forward.

David:I fully expect the Cowboys to address some issues on offense during this offseason, but defense surely has to be the focal point. Stephen Jones said defensive end was "absolutely" a priority in the next few month, and it definitely showed in Dallas' inability to pressure Aaron Rodgers. The Cowboys have several decisions to make with their current pass rushers, and then of course there's the draft. My guess is the defensive front will look a bit different in 2015.


Do you think Dallas should re-sign DeMarco Murray? We've seen it in Denver for years and Mike Shanahan taking sixth and seventh-round picks and making them look like stars in the NFL.

Bryan: I have a feeling that they will move on from Murray, but with that also comes the risk of not replacing him with a back that can do all the things skill-wise that he can do. Murray is a rare player in this league in the fact that he never comes off the field, but the money he will be seeking no longer fits what this franchise might be willing to pay -- especially with other free agent needs that need to be addressed.

David:If Murray could be signed for a low price, I'd be very much in favor of him returning. That's not the way this works, though. Running backs don't typically enjoy long NFL careers, and this is DeMarco Murray's best chance to secure a big-time contract with real financial stability. He has every right to pursue top dollar, and the Cowboys have every right to let someone else pay him. There will be drop off if this team moves on without Murray, as he is one of the most well-rounded backs in the league. But from a financial standpoint, it's far better for the Cowboys to move on with several cheaper options, as opposed to one expensive player.

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