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Mailbag: Jeff Heath Replacing Church At Safety? Jonathan Cooper's Ceiling?


I was really hoping to be able to re-sign Barry Church to keep some continuity in the secondary with J.J. Wilcox gone and Claiborne and Carr presumably on their way out. As much as I like Jeff Heath, he's no Barry Church. Who is the next man up at safety? Does Kavon Frazier have a shot at the job? Or do you think we'll be looking to the draft and/or free agency?

Bryan: Heath likely to get the first shot. Frazier in the mix as well. Draft is really deep at position so could add as well. Need to add a player with some range and that's possible.

Rob: I think the organization would be comfortable with Heath in that role if they don't draft a safety from what appears to be a deep class. Heath was all over the field in the playoff game against Green Bay, but really, he's been a pretty consistent player in his rotation role for years. The only hesitation I would have is limiting his special teams work, because he's been productive for Rich Bisaccia. The team likes Frazier's potential, too.


Interior offensive linemen rarely turn out to be busts. Their lack of play usually comes down to injuries or a lack of system fit. Why do you think Jonathan Cooper's career has turned out the way it has and do you think being part of our offensive line group can help him tap into the talent that made him a top 10 pick just a few short years ago?

Bryan:Great question. I don't see the athlete from North Carolina. He was a great space player in college but he's just not that guy now. He plays on his feet and with balance but looks stiffer doing it. High expectations for him but clearly not the same player.

Rob: Glad you pointed out Cooper was a top-10 pick. The Cowboys realized that, too, when they signed him at the end of last season. Why not add a player with so much initial promise to a team and coaching staff that has developed three first-round picks into All-Pros? Even if he isn't a starter here, maybe he can develop into a versatile interior guy who can help at guard or center.

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