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Mailbag: Jourdan Lewis' Spot In The Pecking Order? A Deal For D-Law?



There has been a lot of hype around Kris Richard's "prototype" cornerback. Is Jourdan Lewis' apparent demotion to second string slot corner a consequence of his not being prototypical? What is Lewis' long-term outlook with the Cowboys under Kris Richard's tenure?

Bryan: I wouldn't worry too much about Jourdan Lewis. This reminds me of Bill Parcells trying to figure out Dat Nguyen. At first he didn't see him as a scheme fit and a few practices and games later, he was one of his favorite players. La'Roi Glover was the same way. Lewis will be a part of this rotation one way or another. He's off to a really good start in these OTAs. 

David:It's the first week of OTAs, and these aren't even real practices. I'm not worried about Lewis, because he's far too talented and confident to let himself fall by the wayside – regardless of Richard's preference.



If it's taking this long to sign Zack Martin and he's the best in his field, what are the odds that DeMarcus Lawerence will get his done this year? As for Dak, they should try to sign their other players first and see what Dak does later. It may cost more but if worth it will benefit.

Bryan: Martin will get done and I believe there is a chance that Lawrence gets done, as well. They will have over 70 million in cap space next season. This front office can get creative with deals when they want to. As far as Prescott goes, you always want to get your quarterback done early if you can but you're right taking a wait and see approach in this case is right. 

David:Based on the comments coming from Lawrence and the front office, I think I'd be surprised if he gets a long-term deal before the season. I think they want to see him do it again – and they also know they can franchise him again if they need to. As for Dak, league rules prohibit them from negotiating with him until 2019. We'll see how he plays and how that affects what they want to do with him.

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