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Mailbag: Level Of Confidence In Randle?; Addressing Brandon Carr's Struggles

Assuming DeMarco Murray cannot play against the Colts, what is your feeling for how the run game will be utilized and how well can it perform with Lance Dunbar and Joseph Randle?

Bryan:As long as this offensive line is intact, I believe you have to feel good about them running the ball. It sounds like Zack Martin will give it a go, which leaves the question about Doug Free. Joseph Randle is a different player both physically and mentally from his rookie season, so that should help him if he has to make this start. His physical style with his ability to finish runs is nothing but a positive in my eyes. Dunbar will get his snaps, but Randle should get the majority of the work.

David:I don't want to suggest that Joseph Randle can completely replace Murray, but we've seen what he's been capable of this season. He's averaging seven yards per carry, and he has torn off several of the most electric runs of the year -- think back to his long gain against Seattle and his touchdown against Jacksonville. If Murray can't go, I'd also like to see Ryan Williams get called up for a shot. He looked impressive in his limited preseason looks. Combine those two with Dunbar as a change of pace, and I think they'll be fine.

What do you think are the reasons for Brandon Carr's struggles as of late? He seems to be out of position more and more on big plays. And how (or with whom) does Dallas address it?

Bryan: Brandon Carr played better against the Eagles this time around as did the entire secondary but I understand your question. Let's be honest -- he is what he is, and the best way to give him a chance to have some success is allow his just to play man coverage. There is no question that once the season is over his name will come up to how they plan to go forward if he stays or they move on.

David:You can go with the idea that he's just not ideally suited for Rod Marinelli's scheme, or his abilities have simply dropped off in the last season or two. It's funny, because I honestly thought he played a pretty solid game up until that poorly-timed gamble against Jeremy Maclin. It was just one mistake, but it was such an awful mistake that it's impossible to forget about. As for what to do going forward, I think you just deal with it. Carr is a better option than the guys behind him. I certainly don't want a rookie like Tyler Patmon going against Andrew Luck. He'll finish out the year, and the Cowboys will probably have some decisions to make about his status with the team.

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