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Mailbag: Looking Ahead To Green Bay? DeMarcus Lawrence's Impact?

I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but we have both Dez and Romo out and have already tied last season's record. However, the pessimist in me realizes we haven't really played a good team yet.  Do you think Sunday's game at Green Bay will give us a true indication on how good this team really is?

Bryan: I disagree with you here. I think they've beat a good team in Cincinnati and Washington earlier in the year. Green Bay will be a tremendous test because of their skill players. I look at this game to how they went to Seattle and won in 2014.

David:I don't care who you're playing, a four-game winning streak in the NFL is impressive. That said, yes. Going on the road against one of the best quarterbacks to ever play is a tough challenge for anyone. I think we already have a good indicator that this team is pretty good. But this week's game could tell us if they're special.

Is DeMarcus that good!? I mean, his presence seemed to have given the whole defensive line a shot of HGH. I do hope his presence is contagious and perhaps we can make a magical run this year.

Bryan: Lawrence was good, but if you followed us this week -- we told you that Cincinnati struggled on their offensive line. They finally took advantage of a poor line which they have struggled with in the past.

David:Lawrence definitely showed up for this pass rush, but I think the Cowboys' four sacks was more about the 20-point lead they were playing with. It's easy to tee off on a suspect offensive line when you know the opposition has to throw the ball. I still think this pass rush is going to have its share of struggles, but it was encouraging to see that they can get home when they should.

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