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Mailbag: Looking At DTs After Price's Injury? Giving Garrett Proper Credit?

Who do you think the Cowboys will kick the tires on for help at defensive tackle? If I was reading correctly, there's a few that have pretty good draft pedigree in the like of Dan Williams and Ra'Shede Hageman.

Bryan:I haven't heard of any names as of today. Have a feeling that they will bring Lewis Neal up much like they did Richard Ash. Neal was on my initial 53-man roster coming out of camp so that wouldn't be a bad addition in my view. 

David:My gut reaction is just to assume the Cowboys will call up Lewis Neal from the practice squad. But Neal doesn't have that large, sturdy frame that you want from a one-technique tackle. Still, though – they've carried him on the practice squad for 10 weeks after he had a solid training camp. I'd give him a look.


After the two huge blows the team took with the Chiefs scoring 14-straight points, the team on both sides played even better. Is Garrett not getting credit for keeping the team on track through all adversity, on and off the field?

Bryan:Garrett deserves a lot of credit for the players on the field. The coaching staff as a whole have done a great job of putting these players in the best situation to succeed. 

David:I'm not sure Jason Garrett "doesn't get enough credit," considering he's the reigning NFL Coach of the Year. But I will say that I think his greatest strength as a coach is keeping his team on message and focused. It seems like there's always some sort of distraction for the Cowboys – whether it's on the field or off of it – and Garrett never seems to let that affect how they play and compete on Sundays.

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