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Mailbag: Matching Up With Giants' Receivers? Kellen Moore Still A Backup Option?


With the NFL being a matchup league, after looking at teams like the Giants, what can the Cowboys do to keep the edge?

Bryan: I assume that you are asking about what the Giants did with Brandon Marshall yesterday? This draft is very deep at cornerback so that would be the first and best way to match up against them. To be honest, those players are most likely going to be better than the ones that you are allowing to walk away.

David: I assume you're talking about the addition of Brandon Marshall, and it's definitely pretty intimidating. The trio of Marshall, Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard would be scary if the Cowboys had a stocked secondary – and that's not quite the case. We know the Cowboys aren't going to spend big in free agency, so I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for a splash. I know it's not exciting, but your best bet is to trust in the young core of talent and hope the front office continues to do a good job with its draft picks.


At the start of training camp last year Kellen Moore was listed as the No. 2 quarterback behind Romo. If he was good enough to be the No. 2 behind Romo, why do the Cowboys give the impression he's not good enough to be the No. 2 behind Prescott? Do you think Moore could become that quality backup if given the chance?

Bryan: I have always felt that Moore could be a quality backup, but given the choice between him and Josh McCown, I am trying to grab McCown. He is more of a proven player in this league and if you had to go with him for an extended period of time, have a better chance to have success.

David: I don't think anyone has written off Kellen Moore. If that seems like the case, it's probably because Moore was out of sight, out of mind on injured reserve all year. If there's anything working against Moore, it's that he doesn't quite qualify as the savvy veteran the Cowboys want to mentor Dak. I think they'd prefer someone with more game experience. But he'd be cheap to retain, and I wouldn't bet against the Cowboys bringing him back.

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