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Mailbag: McFadden's Availability? Playing Time For Preseason Opener?

With Zeke sitting the last few days, McFadden's return seemingly out of sight, and Morris flashing and taking advantage of his opportunity; is it out of the question that McFadden ends up the odd man out when all is said and done?

Bryan: I don't think so. McFadden is a complete back and the coaches with the scouts know that. There are things that he can do for the offense that Morris can't. I wouldn't be so quick to throw dirt on him. When it's all said and done they will likely need him.

David:I'd just like to remind you that McFadden missed the first few weeks of training camp last year with a hamstring problem, and he wound up being the Cowboys' most valuable running back. I'm very curious about how the coaches are going to make this whole thing work, but it's way too early to try to give McFadden's job away.


With all of the injuries we have sustained this offseason as well as the large number of players we have coming back from injuries and surgeries, how do you think the team will allocate playing time at DL, LB and QB specifically this Saturday?

Bryan: One or two series for the starters, then everyone else that is healthy gets a shot at the Rams. There are only so many opportunities to evaluate these young players – so look for them to see the majority of the playing time.

David:I don't expect to see the truly big names – Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Sean Lee, etc. – for more than a handful of plays, if at all. That's going to leave a lot of playing time for the youngsters. I expect Dak and Showers will both play about a half. At defensive line, I'd imagine it'll be all hands on deck. You're not going to see a lot from the likes of DeMarcus Lawrence or Tyrone Crawford, but the guys behind them should get all the work they need.

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