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Mailbag: Most Valuable Trait For The RBs?; Timetable For Hardy's Appeal?

Which trait is going to be more important when deciding who the starting running back is going to be? Home run ability, pass blocking ability, or Romo's trust?

David:  How about a nice little combo of all of the above? Ideally, you'd want a guy who can bring all of that to the table. The nice thing about this group of running backs is that they have varying skillsets. But honestly, I don't see a true bell cow among this group in the same style as DeMarco Murray. Darren McFadden might be your starter when this competition ends, but I'm pretty confident he's not going to get 85 percent of the snaps.

Bryan: That's a great question. All these backs have the skill to run the ball and be successful at it. What is going to separate them is their ability to pass block, which is tied into Romo's trust. I have said this all along, this offense will not miss DeMarco Murray's running ability, but it will miss his football intelligence and the toughness and willingness he showed as a pass blocker. There were snaps where he was the difference in the success of the play just because of this trait.


Greg Hardy's appeal hearing was yesterday, did they not come away with a verdict? How long before we will know if his suspension will be withheld or lessened?

David: Hardy's appeal is actually happening Thursday morning, given that he was at practice Wednesday. There's no way to know the timetable for sure, but I'm guessing it'll be a week or two before we hear anything. I think he'll be reduced to six or eight games, but that's just guesswork on my part.

Bryan: Thursday morning is the hearing and the belief around the league that it will fall between five and six games. My gut feeling is that we will hear toward the middle of next week.

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