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Mailbag: Moving Keith Smith Back To LB? Kyle Wilber At Middle Linebacker?

Do you think that moving Keith Smith back to the linebacker position is an option? We have a good core group and to move Smith back may add to competition, but we do not have to look outside of what we have on the roster.

Bryan:Keith Smith's best shot to make this team is if he stays at fullback. From what I have seen from him so far is that he has a feel for where he needs to go path-wise. Next thing will be to see if he will stick his nose in the action and to be honest, I don't think this will be a problem at all.

David: That wouldn't exactly be surprising, given the way the coaching staff has used Smith as a bit of a Swiss Army Knife to this point in his career. I don't think they'd do that unless there were further injuries, though. They have six other options at linebacker – not to mention the possibility of a free agent signing.


Has Kyle Wilber ever been tried at middle linebacker? He seems to have the size and durability that is needed, just don't know about the instincts.

Bryan:Kyle Wilber is a better player when he can anchor down at the point of attack and extend his hands to play. I don't think he has the skills to play on the move like you need out of the MIKE.

David:I'm a big fan of what Kyle Wilber brings as both a strong side linebacker and a special teams ace, but I'm not sure I'd want him trying to handle the speed and coverage skills required of a middle linebacker. Keep in mind that this is a guy who was initially drafted to rush the passer.


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