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Mailbag: Other Considerations For LG? Free Agency Deals That Fit?

Why is Joe Looney never considered for a starting position at LG? Could he be a bridge option if we don't draft a guard until the later rounds of the draft?

Bryan: I have always been a Looney fan and have wondered the same thing. It is likely they don't want to expose the only backup center they have on the roster would be my guess. With all the selections they have in this draft I am going to get a guard. 

David:It's important to remember that Joe is also a free agent right now, so they'd have to bring him back. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing him get a shot at the job. But when the team held an open competition at guard and didn't give Looney a chance, it's a pretty telling sign of how the coaches feel about him.

Looking at the first day of free agency, are there any deals that have been made that you think would have been good fits for the Cowboys?  Do you think Wilkerson would've been a thought at that price?

Bryan: I watched Wilkerson today. I'm happy they moved on. He plays when he wants to play. I watched Suh. Still a really powerful guy that can cause issues. Interested to see where that goes. Nelson's numbers suffered when Rodgers got injured. He doesn't separate as well but on third down and red zone, he's a pain in the rear for defenses. Check out the website -- writers came up with some good names. 

David:If we rewind to last week, there are a couple of trades I really would've liked to see the Cowboys look at – Danny Shelton and Michael Bennett come to mind. But if we're just talking about the absurd amount of money that's been spent this week, I'm not really seeing it. The Cowboys need help, but not at some of the prices that are being thrown at there right now.


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