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Mailbag: Potential Interest In La'el Collins?; Where Does Gregory Line Up?

Do you see the Cowboys going after La'el Collins after this investigation is over?

Nick: I think they will be as interested as 31 other teams. Any time you can get a player rated in the top 15 of the draft as an undrafted free agent, you have to look into it. But it'll come down to where Collins can get on the field and shine the quickest and that's probably not Dallas.

David:Assuming this all clears up for Collins, then I have a hard time believing every team in the league won't be after his signature. We've already heard that a few teams, headlined by the Bills, have met with him. It's sorely tempting to think of Collins signing in Dallas and playing left guard, with an eye on the right tackle job in the future. But my guess is that Collins wants to play tackle right off the bat, and there's bound to be places with less competition for a starting job than the Cowboys.


OK, I've seen enough highlight film to know that Randy Gregory can really rush the passer. My question is how does he fit in this defense? DE with his hand on the ground? Strong Side LB in a 2-point stance? I know Marinelli will make it work, but how? Go Cowboys!

Nick: I think that is a valid question. The Cowboys will start him out at defensive end, but I'm sure he will be more of a nickel pass-rusher. Honestly, the second-round pick is a perfect spot for the Cowboys to take him because they can justify not starting him right away. He's not ready to be a three-down lineman because of his weight. This way, he can become like DeMarcus Lawrence was supposed to be last year – a nickel rusher who can contribute as a rusher before he's ready to start. As long as he can get up the field and attack the quarterback, Rod Marinelli will find a way to use him.

David:The best news for any defensive lineman in this scheme is that Marinelli isn't going to be asking him to play 60-80 snaps a game. In the best-case scenario, the Cowboys would prefer to rotate two lineups of guys. I'd imagine Randy can expect to get 25-35 snaps per game as a rookie, and preferably in pass-rush situations. It'd be pretty interesting to see Gregory as a linebacker in certain situations, though – he's roughly the same size as Rolando McClain.

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