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Mailbag: Problem Developing TE Draft Picks? Interest In Dion Jordan?

First Fasano, then Bennett, and now Escobar. What is it about developing a second tight end that Dallas just can't seem to get right? This is the third time in a row: second round tight end, very talented, then out the door wondering what could have been as we've seen Fasano and Bennett flourish.

Bryan: Don't know about Fasano, but Bennett was on the coach. Escobar was drafted as a 12 personnel tight end and they became an 11 personnel team once Linehan showed up. Escobar never deserved to be selected that high in the first place -- it was a miss on his ability and future growth. I wasn't as high on Hanna or Swaim for that matter but they've worked out well. 

David:I can't speak on the Fasano or Bennett picks, given that they happened years before I got here. But the Cowboys set Gavin Escobar up to fail right when they decided to become a run-first, smashmouth football team. Obviously, that blueprint has worked – so I'm not criticizing them for it. But Escobar was never expected to be an expert blocker. His strong suit was never going to be in the trenches, but that's something the Cowboys require of their tight ends. He's got good hands, and I hope he has a chance to showcase that in an offense that lets him function more as a receiver.

With Dion Jordan being released from Miami due to off-field issues, what are the odds Dallas considers targeting him? Would this be a risk-reward scenario that pays off, similar to what we are hoping for with Damontre Moore?

Bryan: I wouldn't touch him. I saw productive snaps from Moore last season but I've seen nothing that would make me want to sign Jordan. 

David:Honestly, the numbers get a little tricky the more guys you start trying to add. The Cowboys currently have DeMarcus Lawrence, Tyrone Crawford, David Irving, Benson Mayowa, Damontre Moore and Charles Tapper capable of playing defensive end. On top of that, you figure they'll draft at least one, if not two edge rushers. The numbers don't add up – especially for a guy with a resume as flimsy ad Jordan's.

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