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Mailbag: Progress For Jaylon Smith? Involving Switzer More On Offense?


While the entire fan base was excited for Jaylon Smith to be able get on the field early in the season, the quality of his play was less than stellar. But over the past few games, he appears to be playing like a much better player. Are you seeing the same improvement that we fans are, and is it a sign that it's starting to come together for him or a flash in the pan?

Bryan: He's playing better and a lot of that has to do with his eyes. He's doing a much better job of reading his keys which is putting him in position to make more plays. He's also playing with more control.

Rob: I thought Smith was outstanding the last couple of games with additional snaps at linebacker. He had nine tackles in 44 snaps against the Redskins, his second-highest tackle total of the season. But most important to the coaches, he's showing more patience and seems to be diagnosing plays better. That's a sign of experience and growth.


How fast is Ryan Switzer?  He appeared to have a lot of zip on that punt return. It seems we lack speed on the outside to stretch the field, allowing defenders to crowd the line of scrimmage. Why not put him at wideout on a few plays to either catch the defense off guard or maybe make a big play. Is he just too small? Do we not trust the hands or route running?

Bryan: He made plays down the field for North Carolina, but like you said, they don't feel like they could do that with him. I would like to see him just play more offensive snaps, regardless where that might be. He's one of those explosive players that they've yet to really take advantage of, which is puzzling.

Rob: They drafted Switzer as much for his receiving skills as his punt return skills. So, it's not lack of trust. He does happen to play Cole Beasley's position, and getting them both on the field would probably mean fewer snaps for Jason Witten. However, Witten isn't just a safety valve for Dak Prescott -- he's also been needed to stay in and block more with some of the challenges the offensive line has faced recently. We've seen Switzer run the jet sweeps in games, but he's also a talented receiver in space, so I've wondered about getting him more involved, too.

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