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Mailbag: Pros & Cons Of Romo's Statement? Timing Of The Decision?

Was Tony Romo's statement more of a pro or con in your opinion?  I believe this is a pro in that Dak no longer has to look over his shoulder.  I also believe this is a con because it would benefit Dak to watch Tony play, pick Tony's brain, listen to calls during the game on the sideline and watch how Tony executes, audibles, etc. and Dak won't get that chance.  I believe Tony's statement is also a con in that while Tony's intent was to clear the air with the media to lessen the distraction, I believe it did the opposite.

Bryan: It's hard to argue with what we've seen from Prescott so far. I thought it would have been easier to play Romo when the team was 4-1 or 5-1, but I can't say that now. The distractions were going to be there regardless if Romo cleared the air or not. The pressure is still going to be on Prescott to perform --but at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that Romo is available in case there is a need.

David:It was so unusual that I'm still trying to digest it. Ultimately, I guess I think it's a positive, because it gives the Cowboys some clarity of direction. But you don't know this team if you think it's going to quiet the noise. The first time Dak missteps, we'll be right back where we started. Right now, in mid-November, this all looks fine. But there's a lot of football left to play, and I don't think we've seen the last of this issue.

Like most fans I can see Dak Prescott is the future and he deserves the starting QB job.  But why did Tony have to give this speech now? Couldn't Mr. Jones and Coach Garrett taken any/all questions for the rest of the season?

Bryan: I don't understand your concern? Romo told you that he understands his role with the team now going forward. If needed he will be available – better to hear that from him than Jones or Garrett. The way they did it was the absolute right way of handling it.

David:These two questions play well off each other, in my opinion. The phrase Jerry Jones has used before is "a tolerance for ambiguity." But I think the Cowboys had had enough of the speculation, and they didn't want to deal with ambiguity anymore. As I said yesterday, there was such a tone of finality to Romo's statement yesterday. I worry that the Cowboys might have just painted themselves into a corner. It's going to be much harder to go back to Romo now – should they decide they need to.

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