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Mailbag: Prospects For The Reserve O-Linemen?; Top 5 DE's In This Draft?

How long does it take to know if a OL player is right for your team? Guys like Weems and Wetzel have been here for a while. Do they stand a chance or not?

Bryan: I think that when looking at the offensive line, those guys tend to develop later. This is the reason why I feel like they need to re-sign Doug Free because he is in the prime of his NFL career. Guys like Weems and Wetzel have received good work on the scout team which is similar to what they were able to get from Ronald Leary. If I had to bet on one or the other Weems would be the guy that I think has the better chance to stick.

David:Any time a guy can hang around an NFL roster without contributing much, it seems like a good sign for what the coaching staff thinks of him. Wetzel has managed to hang around this team for more than a year now, and Weems spent the season on injured reserve with an eye on the future. The Cowboys could have parted ways with either one, but have opted not to. I think training camp will be telling for Weems in particular, and my best guess is that the Cowboys hope he can be their swing tackle going forward.


This draft seems deep, in your opinion who are the top 5 defensive ends in this year's draft?

Bryan: Depending on who you talk the list of defensive ends changes daily but the guys that I have seen would be: Bud Dupree of Kentucky, Dante Fowler Jr. of Florida, Randy Gregory of Nebraska,  Nate Orchard of Utah and Shane Ray of Missouri.   

David:There's a lot left to determine about this draft class before we get to may, but I'm beginning to wonder if a first-round caliber defensive end will be there when the Cowboys pick 27th. I'd be really curious to see where DeMarcus Lawrence would go in this year's draft, because I have a suspiscion he'd have been a much higher pick in this class. I do agree that this draft looks deep, but I think the real value is in the middle rounds as opposed to the first.

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