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Mailbag: QB Playing Time Against Houston? Moore To IR? Deji Olatoye?

With Dak looking like he's going to be our No. 1 for now, it doesn't seem like he is going to play on Thursday against Houston. Does that mean Jameill Showers is going to play the whole game, or will this team work someone who was cut from another team?

David:If they want someone else to play, they'd better get him in here quick. Any quarterback who joins the team now would be hard-pressed to learn much about the offense, but I'm not sure it matters for the fourth preseason game. I don't care how they handle the situation – be it Showers, another quarterback or even a wide receiver taking snaps – but they need to keep Prescott out of this game. I think it would be beyond stupid to let Dak play even one series on Thursday night.

Rob:Well, I think you can expect the Cowboys to keep their eyes on the waiver wire Tuesday and Saturday for quarterbacks who come available. But at this point, two days out, I'm not sure any quarterback signed before the game could come in and have enough grasp of the offense to make much of an impact or an impression. It very well could be Showers' show on Thursday night, and if so, I'm sure he'd enjoy that opportunity after taking third-team reps most of preseason.

I have a two-part  question and I know you must be receiving tons of questions about back up QB, but where does Kellen Moore stand in his recovery process? Is he headed to IR?  Second, Deji Olatoye -- will he make the squad? I like his aggressiveness at the end of last year and in preseason this year. Thoughts?

David:Moore broke his leg in early August, and the prognosis was three-to-four months. That means the earliest he could be ready is probably November. There's no way they can justify carrying him for that long, so I'm guessing he goes to IR. As for Olatoye, I think he's virtually a lock to make the team – especially after Josh Thomas was put on IR. He and Anthony Brown are the best depth they have at corner.

Rob:First, I'm not sure how the Cowboys could avoid placing Kellen Moore on injured reserve with Tony Romo occupying a roster spot while he's injured, too. Second, Olatoye and Anthony Brown look like the top candidates to earn cornerback spots after Orlando Scandrick, Brandon Carr and Mo Claiborne. Olatoye has indeed made plays on the ball, and the team has even worked him a little at safety – presumably to gauge his versatility.


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