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Mailbag: Randy Gregory's Offseason? Upgrading The WR Position?


DeMarcus Lawrence has been the best defensive lineman this year. Watching his interviews seems to suggest he works extremely hard in the off season to get better. Do the coaches encourage other players like Randy Gregory to train with guys like DeMarcus in the offseason?*

Bryan: They are all in the same weight program. Where Lawrence made his biggest gains were during his rookie season while he was injured. My feeling is that you will not see Gregory gain much weight because of his frame. I believe he can get physically stronger but heavier – that is a stretch.

David:Yeah, I'm not sure we're going to see Gregroy transform his body in any kind of drastic way – I'm just not sure he has the frame for that. But a year in the offseason program can only help him strengthen himself for 2016. Maybe most importantly, having the offseason will hopefully allow him to add some weight that he can maintain.


Would you be alright going into next season with Dez, Williams, Beasley, Butler, and Whitehead as our 5 receivers?

Bryan: I am going to see if Michael Thomas, Kenny Lawler, Josh Docston or as a long shot – Laquon Treadwell could help me. Just sitting here with the same guys doesn't make much sense to me. I am looking at the draft.

David:I think it would be a mistake to move forward with their current personnel without at least trying to upgrade the position. I'm not saying they need to sign a big-money free agent or draft a receiver in the top 10, but the position could use some attention. The consistency hasn't been there – even last year, not to mention this year.

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