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Mailbag: Realistic To Pursue Lamar Miller? Need To Address WR Depth?

There has been so much talk about Lamar Miller. He is a good back and young, and his running style fits our offense. Is there a realistic chance he lands with the Cowboys? Is there talk from the organization about him?

Bryan: The front office does a nice job of hiding who they are looking at. It's hard to get them to admit to anything they are doing and many of them are my friends. They are well aware of who Lamar Miller is and what he could potential bring to this organization. In free agency we have seen this group bottom fish and find value without over paying. To get Miller they are likely going to inquire about the price and see what direction that takes them. They also know from their college scouts that there are several talented running backs in this draft. 

David: I think it's fair to say it's "realistic" to think the Cowboys might pursue Miller, but I'm not sure I'd bet on it. Miller is young, talented and doesn't have many carries on his odometer. All of those things make him an appealing option – but those factors will make him appealing to other clubs, as well. If he can be signed for a reasonable price, I wouldn't rule it out. But it's worth remembering that the Cowboys have not been big spenders in free agency in recent years. It's much more cost-effective to address the running back position in the draft.


I just have not been satisfied with Terrance Williams as the No. 2 receiver.  Too much up and down and disappearing from time to time.  Do you see him remaining at No. 2 or will the Cowboys find a replacement?

Bryan: I understand your question and at times share your concern. I could see them looking to add a receiver to this lineup, whether it's through the draft or in free agency to compete with Williams and others. In studying the draft, I know that there would be several options that could be the type of guy you are looking for. I will say this for Williams, though: his final game against Washington is more indicative to the type of receiver I believe he could become so keep an eye on that going forward. 

David: Wide receiver is such an interesting situation for this team. On one hand, you have Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley forming a solid trio going forward. But at the same time, I agree with you that Williams has been inconsistent, and he's also entering the final year of his rookie deal. The Cowboys don't need a receiver to field a good offense in 2015, but it looks like a trouble spot for the not-too-distant future. For that reason, I'm not going to be the least bit surprised if they spend resources at receiver at some point this spring. 

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