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Mailbag: Run-Blocking WRs In Draft? Another Position Change On Defense?



How much of a factor does run-blocking ability play into the ranking of the WR's in the draft for this team? I know the size of Calvin Ridley vs. D.J. Moore makes me think that Ridley might have a tougher time. Is that the case?

Bryan: Neither are better than Terence Williams, but given the choice between the two I'd take Moore. His physical size does help him in this case but that's not to say that Ridley couldn't develop with some training. 

David: If we know anything about this team, it's how much value they place on their receivers and tight ends ability to block. It's important and it's a trait that has limited players' playing time in the past. Having said that, if you're drafting Calvin Ridley or D.J. Moore, you probably have to do it at 19th overall. If you like a guy enough to draft him there, I imagine you probably work with whatever blocking skills he brings to the table.



There's been some talk of drafting a second linebacker later in the draft. Especially if we lose Anthony Hitchens. With his physicality and tackling, could Kavon Frazier help out some at linebacker and save us a pick for other needs, such as guard or swing tackle?

Bryan: I like your idea, but with Byron Jones potentially moving to cornerback you're going to need Frazier to stay at safety and develop there. With 10 selections, you will be able to draft a true linebacker that you like. 

David: I love Kavon's game, and we've seen that he's got the ability to lay the wood. But at the end of the day, he's probably still two inches shorter and 10-20 pounds lighter than you'd prefer a linebacker to be. His tackling ability and physicality could be really useful in dime and nickel defense, but I don't think they'd want to move him into that role full-time.

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