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Mailbag: Scenarios For Trading Up In The Draft?; Trading Down?

Who is the one pick in the draft (any position) that would be such a difference-maker that you would sell the farm to go up and get, and why?

Bryan: As much as I love Todd Gurley, I think that if somehow they could end up with Kevin Johnson he would be the player that could help this team most. I see a special player in that kid.

David: I don't think I'd "sell the farm" to get anyone. I don't think this draft is as talented as others, and I think the Cowboys have too many needs to mortgage their draft on one player. If Todd Gurley falls within reasonable striking range, however, I'd consider it. I would trade up four or five spots to secure a guy who I think will be a really special running back.

Will it be smarter for the Cowboys to move out from the first round, grab an extra pick and land a Day 2 running back with a 33-36 pick. There's always teams trying to sneak back into late first round.

Bryan:During the Draft Show on Friday we went back to Oakland's spot and had some good options. The fifth-year option is always on my mind about getting out of the round but if you are making it worth my while I would sure consider it.

David: As always, it depends on the deal. But if it was a good offer, I'd certainly be interested. It'd be hard to give up the fifth-year option on a first-round pick, but I would do it for an extra second or third-round pick. It sounds awfully tempting to have three picks on the second day of the draft.

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