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Mailbag: Scouting Both Sides Of The Senior Bowl? New DBs Coach?

I know how Garrett and staff will get a great look at the players they will be coaching on the North team from seeing them practice each day but will they have any opportunity to evaluate players on the South team outside of seeing them in the actual game?

Rob: Yes, the scouts and front office personnel will be here watching both teams practice. Remember, all these years the Cowboys didn't coach the Senior Bowl, the coaches watched practice from the stands like the rest of the teams. Getting to work one-on-on with one team is a unique opportunity this year.

David:The coaching staff will undoubtedly have its hands full with the North team, but we can't understate how many members of the operation are in town for the Senior Bowl. The Cowboys' front office and scouting staff are all here, and they'll have their eyes everywhere.

Who may be out there that the Cowboys might have interest in for the vacated position of DBs coach?

Rob: If they don't fill the position internally with an assistant like safeties coach Joe Baker, I would assume they'll be looking for someone who has held a similar position at the pro level (as Jerome Henderson did before coming to Dallas in 2012) or has even overseen an entire defense before. And ties to Garrett or Rod Marinelli usually make a lot of sense. The Senior Bowl is a great networking opportunity for coaches, so there might be a chance to do some interviews here in Mobile.

David:Well, you've probably already read some reports or indications about what might be going on, but this week is incredibly interesting for the opportunities in provides. The vast majority of the league landscape is in town for this event, and it sounds like the Cowboys intend to hold some interviews this week. I bet we'll have a clearer picture when it's time to go home.


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