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Mailbag: Season Expectations For The Running Game? Sean Lee's Impact?


I am so sick of watching NFL analysts not taking these Cowboys seriously just because Murray is gone. Everybody was saying last year Murray was an unproven back because of injuries, and now turns out he was the reason for the Cowboys' success and eventual fall this year? Personally I think this running back group will do just fine, and the addition of Christine Michael will do nothing but help. Your thoughts?

Bryan: Where this team will miss DeMarco Murray is with his football intelligence. No matter whether it was blitz pick or situational football, there was none better than Murray. My feeling is that Darren McFadden has those similar traits while Joseph Randle is still trying to find that balance. I do agree with you on the addition of Christine Michael and what he can bring to this group not so much against the Giants this week but in the future.   

Rob: I expect the offensive line to continue giving backs holes to run through, just as they did for DeMarco Murray. As Bryan mentioned, it's the other aspects of the position that made Murray so valuable as a three-down player. I know it's been a long wait through camp and preseason, and the trade for Michael sort of sparked new questions about the team's faith in the backs. But we didn't see Randle, McFadden or Dunbar behind the full starting line or with Dez Bryant on the field as a downfield threat. Until we see the full offense on the field, we can't judge this running game yet. It might just surprise everyone.


So excited to see Sean Lee back! What kind of impact do you think he'll have?

Bryan: I am not totally comfortable with Anthony Hitchens playing as that MIKE but with Sean Lee on the field, I believe that helps. There were some snaps in the preseason where teams left Lee unblocked and if that continues to be the case, he will lead this team in tackles if his health does hold up.  

Rob: Lee's obviously going to be a productive player on the weak side. But it's also his football intangibles – his ability to see things before the snap and communicate with the other linebackers – that the team missed last year. Rolando McClain will bring the same type of football savvy when he returns from NFL suspension in a month.

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