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Mailbag: Securing a Long-Term Deal With Lawrence? Intriguing Futures Players?



*Do you see any scenario where the Cowboys are able to agree to a long-term deal with DeMarcus Lawrence in the next two weeks and then, use the franchise tag to keep Anthony Hitchens? *

Bryan: I should never say never, but I just don't get that feeling. I believe they're focused on trying to get something done with Zack Martin first, then work from there. They've spent much more time on that one than the Lawrence deal. 

David:I would call it a slim chance. If he were to hit the open market, Lawrence would be one of the most high-demand players in this free agency window. He and his camp know that. The Cowboys also know that he's had multiple injuries and a suspension during his career, so I doubt they're eager to make him one of the highest-paid defenders in football right now. They might get a long-term deal done before the July deadline, but I sincerely doubt it happens by March 6.



Since the team like to sign its own, do you do you see anyone from last year's practice squad that may become part of the 53-man squad this year?

Bryan: Lance Lenoir or Marquez White would be those guys for me. Lenoir was getting snaps with the first offense while on the practice squad, so they were getting him ready for a big role down the road. White has the talent to make the club and could be a favorite of new secondary coach Kris Richard due to his length. 

David:I'm intrigued by Marquez White, given that the Cowboys liked him enough to draft him last spring. On top of that, I've got an eye on K.D. Cannon, the former Baylor receiver who signed a futures  contract in December. He was a big-time player in college and has some traits. We'll see if he can do anything with them.

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