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Mailbag: Shuffling The Offensive Line? More Play Action For Dak?

With the ongoing issues on the offensive line, what would have to happen, and how long do you guys reckon it would be before Jonathan Cooper starts instead of Chaz Green? It seems to me and Chaz Green is not the answer at LG, and perhaps Cooper's stock could rise if the team showed him the confidence.

Bryan:Greetings Denmark, thanks for joining us. My suggestion is for you to go to and search for Game Pass. Purchase it and really study how well these guys are really playing. Chaz Green has not been the problem with what's going on with this offense line. Your problem is that the running back hasn't made as many tacklers miss as he did last season. You saw what happened on his 30 yard run -- he made an unblocked man miss and they were off to the races. They need more of that from the back. 

David:I know the running game hasn't looked like its dominant self, but I don't think shuffling the lineup is the way to go. I think Chaz has been fine through three weeks, and – most importantly – he has stayed healthy. The line is only going to improve with more playing time and more familiarity with each other. Patience seems like a better idea than tinkering with the lineup.

It's obvious after three games that teams are stacking the box and trying to force Dak to beat them throwing from the pocket.  Against Arizona, we finally saw Dallas move the pocket and get Dak throwing on the run to loosen things up everywhere else.  Can we expect to see Dallas moving the pocket around very early in games to force defenses out of that stacked box?

Bryan:It's hard to run boots and waggles against 3-4 fronts due to linebackers standing up and playing wide. His movement last week was more out of pressure than design. With all that being said, his receivers need to do continue to do better job of getting open and you will see those big plays. 

David:You've got to give Dak a ton of credit for how accurate he is when he throws on the move. That said, these defenses haven't been biting on the play action stuff as hard as they did last season. I'm sure there's something the Cowboys can do to counteract that. For the time being, I think he probably needs to hit some throws from the pocket to force teams to respect it.

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