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Mailbag: Swing Tackle Options On This Team? Genuine Interest In Drafting DT?



No matter who we get as a swing tackle, it seems that Martin would be our best option at left tackle in another instance of Tyron Smith's injury bug. I know the coaches don't like for the linemen to practice at multiple positions, but it seems guard would be easier to fill in than left tackle, probably the second highest priority on the team.

Bryan: They shouldn't have wasted snaps at guard on Chaz Green and let him be that guy at tackle. He wasn't terrible in 2016 and we wouldn't be having this problem today. With all that being said, I am not moving my All-Pro guard. Work with Chaz Green or draft another guy to develop at that spot. 

David:With a full offseason to address the situation, I would hope you don't need to do that. Go draft a better swing tackle or pay someone in free agency to handle the job. But I will say, if injuries back you into a corner – like they did last year – I'd feel comfortable letting Martin play left tackle in a pinch.



I do love the concept of personal playing multiple positions, but a true one-tech could really help this team out.  I mean look at a true one-tech did for Ray Lewis, less bodies on Sean Lee could prolong an already fragile body. Keeping Lee on the field is pretty important.

Bryan: I don't think drafting a one-technique for Sean Lee is the right idea. Drafting a one-technique for the improvement of the overall scheme is a better one. You would be surprised how many snaps that Lee plays away from the one. I have always believed that Maliek Collins is a better one than he is a three, but that's just me. Maybe they think the same thing when David Irving comes back for the 2018 season because when he starts, Collins plays the one. 

David:This is quickly developing into one of the most fascinating subjects in this 2018 draft. There's a bunch of really talented one-techniques available in this draft, but we haven't seen the Cowboys put much value on the position. As it stands right now, I really don't know if they'd re-consider that strategy. But if your best possible option in the first-round is a one-technique, it seems disingenuous not to pull the trigger.

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