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Mailbag: Switzer In The Passing Game? Rodgers Against The Young DBs?

All we heard this offseason was how polished Switzer is as a route runner. When do you think we will finally see him included in the pass game?

Bryan: I think there will be a day where we see more of Switzer but you have to consider who you would take off the field to get him involved? The coaches are comfortable with the guys they currently use so that's working against him. 

David:I've said already that I'd like to see Switzer get more opportunities, and we have seen it a little bit with the few carries that he's gotten the last few weeks. I'd still like to see more, but as I've said before – who is he replacing? It's hard to get Ryan Switzer onto the field without taking Ezekiel Elliott or Jason Witten off the field, and that doesn't seem likely to happen often.

I definitely agree with most that Xavier Woods has earned more playing time, but do you think going up against Rodgers this week should give us some pause? If anyone can expose an aggressive rookie, it's the QB coming to town this Sunday.

Bryan:I think you have to throw these kids into the deep end of the pool and see if they can swim. Woods is smart and athletic so having him on the field is not a liability. You need players that can make plays and Woods has proven he can do that when given a chance. 

David:Well, I certainly wouldn't want Woods playing every snap back there in this game, but I think that gives credence to the idea of leaning on everyone. Jeff Heath was great against the Packers last year in that third safety role. The Cowboys have some young DB's, but there's no time like the present to get some much-needed experience.

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