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Mailbag: Take the Field Goal in Overtime?


Who made the call to go for it on fourth-and-4 when in field goal range? It's overtime, we have to take the field goal and put the burden on Green Bay to score a touchdown to win._ – Charles Moore Jr / Dallas, NC_

Nick:Of course, the call is Mike McCarthy's call. Not sure who else would've made it. But I had no issues with the decision to go for it. Now, I hated the two plays on third-down and fourth-down. And let's be clear, it's was THREE yards needed, not four. If you go back and watch, they needed three yards to the line. That's two runs for me – all day long – especially on this day. Now, the decision not to kick the field goal was fine with me because of the wind. Just go back and watch the game. The kickoffs in that direction were all coming up short of the goal line when they usually sail out the back. And that's kicking off a tee. So if the wind is blowing the ball about 10 yards in on a tee, imagine what it's like off the ground. Or, you can just watch the Mason Crosby attempt earlier in the game when it didn't even come close.

Kurt:That's head coach Mike McCarthy's call and he said as much in his postgame press conference. As to why he made that decision in overtime, to me the answer is pretty simple – Aaron Rodgers. Perhaps no player in the history of this franchise has been more of a nemesis. Countless times Rodgers has ripped out the hearts of Cowboys fans with last-minute heroics. Did McCarthy just not like his chances against the future Hall of Famer on his home field? Even if they were good on a 50-plus yard field goal on a cold night, could a tiring Dallas defense keep Green Bay out of the end zone one last time? As the coach said afterwards, "I felt like we needed to score [a touchdown] the way the game was going." Seems hard to argue with him there, no matter how painful the eventual outcome.

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