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Mailbag: This Draft Deepest In Recent Years? Cowboys' Unsung Hero In 2015?


How does the 2016 draft talent compare to the talent in the previous two years?

Bryan: Drafts are always hard to compare because from year to year they have depth at certain positions. One year it's offensive tackles - this year it's defensive tackles. I have always believed no matter how good or bad experts might tell you a draft is, you can make the best of it. There is always talent no matter the draft but is just a matter of going out and finding it. I will say that I have enjoyed studying these players as a whole better than I have in previous seasons. The talent is there.

Rob: Agree with Bryan that defensive line appears to be the deepest spot this year. As for the draft's depth as a whole, it just depends on what you're looking for. I don't know that it's a very top-heavy draft at running back or wide receiver. But there might be more draftable quarterback prospects top to bottom than last year when only seven were selected, down from 14 in 2014.


Who do you think was the player on the team who outplayed expectations or was unnoticed/underappreciated for his output and effort?

Bryan: I have to be honest here, I really wasn't sure what they were going to get from La'el Collins when they put him in the lineup. It wasn't from a physical side but the mental one. I thought his learning curve was going to be a little steep but he stepped right in from the start and fit in nicely with Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick. He deserves more credit for the way he played than I initially was willing to give.

Rob: Travis Frederick just got rewarded with a trip to Hawaii for his second Pro Bowl, so I wouldn't call him unnoticed or underappreciated. But I think what he did as the point man for the offensive line in 2015 has been understated. Two penalties all year. Worked with four different quarterbacks, which hasn't happened in a Cowboys season since 2001. Really nice season at a position where usually you only get noticed when something goes wrong.

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