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Mailbag: Thoughts On Claiborne's Future? Bigger Role For Escobar

It may be too early to say this, but it finally seems like Claiborne is showing those skills that got him drafted No. 6 overall. Do you agree? And if so, what do you think the chances are that he's still a Cowboy next year?

Bryan: Claiborne has been playing well these first three weeks and that's a credit to him. It is too early, but there is a side of me right now that believes Claiborne will look for a fresh start. He has taken a beating here and I am sure that will play into his decision.

David:It's way too early to speculate on that. Claiborne has been good these first three weeks, but good enough to merit a new contract? I'm not sure. And if he's finally playing up to his potential, why wouldn't he wait to see what the open market has to offer? If I had to guess, I'd say he plays elsewhere in 2016. But you never know.


Is there a reason Escobar didn't or won't receive a bigger role in the receiving game?

Bryan: There were snaps where he was open in the Atlanta game and Brandon Weeden just couldn't locate him. He works hard and prepares, but to be honest – Witten and Hanna are more important to this offense in the overall game. There will be a game or two where he makes a key play because that what he does but to get a bigger role – that's just not happening.

David:As has been the case here for a while, I think it just makes it hard when you're sharing reps with a Hall of Famer. Jason Witten caught six passes for 65 yards last week, and that was with two sprained knees and a sprained ankle – so it's hard to justify more snaps for Escobar. I thought he stood to benefit as a red zone target while Dez Bryant sat out, but it hasn't worked out like that yet. 

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