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Mailbag: Thoughts On Veteran Combine?; Effects Of Lee's Contract?

What do you think of the upcoming veteran combine?

Bryan: It's a great opportunity for the clubs to get an early jump on their emergency boards. To have all these street free agents in one spot and working out will save these Pro Personnel guys a ton of time in the offseason in doing leg work on players. Big fan of this.

David:Think back to 2013, when this team had 19 different defensive linemen cycle through the roster. In a lot of those situations, you're looking at guys like George Selvie, who had been out of the league, or Everette Brown, who hadn't played many meaningful snaps in at least a year. This combine should be great for giving teams an updated idea of what guys like that can do. Hopefully it will help a little bit with the guesswork.


*I see there is a big push for Brandon Carr to take a pay cut. Shouldn't we ask Sean Lee to take a cut as well, due to his inability to stay healthy? *

Bryan: You already have Lee at a number that the club is comfortable with. Remember that Lee structured his contract to pay him if he played and took away money if he didn't. The club was protected either way.

David: Lee signed a long deal back in 2013, but it's not a very costly one – for that exact reason. His cap hit in 2015 is $5 million, which is pretty manageable for a guy on a $42 million contract. I don't think Lee will take a cut, but it wouldn't surprise me if he restructured, essentially converting his salary to a signing bonus, so the Cowboys can free up some cap space. We'll have to wait and see on that front.

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