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Mailbag: Time To Consider Shuffling The O-Line? Sticking With Kellen Moore?

I know after signing Collins to new contract extension that there are millions of reasons to let the right tackle experiment to play out. However, wouldn't the more logical move be to return Collins to the left guard position and solidify the middle of our line and return Chaz Green to right tackle? Collins has not looked comfortable playing in space and compromising two positions on the line doesn't seem logical.

Bryan: I don't disagree with your thought here. The problem is not Collins and looking comfortable. The problem is Chaz Green's health and can you count on him the whole year? I want to but it sure is hard. 

David: I'm not worried so much about La'el, as I think he's got the athleticism and the right attitude to make it work. Having watched the Rams game over again, though, I am a bit concerned about left guard. I'm willing to give it a little more time, but your idea doesn't sound like a bad one to me.

Please tell me the coaching staff is not comfortable going into the season with Moore as the backup. He has looked terrible! Way too slow. No mobility at all. Would rather have Rush or even bring in Manziel. Either would be better than Moore!

Bryan: I didn't see these types of questions after the Cardinals game. Honestly this was the poorest that Moore has thrown the ball all summer. It was a bad day at the office and nothing more. The coaches are comfortable with him and that's what matters to them. 

David:Of all the things you can criticize Kellen Moore for, I'm not sure why you worry about his mobility. He was avoiding pressure for most of the time he was out there. And no, he did not look good – but I'm willing to chalk it up as a bad night. The coaching staff loves his football IQ, his decision-making and they love what he brings to the quarterback room. I don't think one bad game is going to change their minds.

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