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Mailbag: Tony Romo's Chance At The Pro Bowl; How Cowboys Cover Beckham?


Do you think Tony Romo has a shot at the Pro Bowl?

Bryan: Romo is playing as well as any quarterback in the NFC at this point, so he absolutely has a shot there. The question going forward will be does his health afford him that opportunity? It's a long season, especially for these quarterbacks, so that will have a factor in it. What would be nice for him is that if three of his offensive linemen are also named to the team along with Dez Bryant and DeMarco Murray. That would make it a special trip.

David:If the Pro Bowl still used the AFC vs. NFC format, I'd go as far as to call Romo a lock. He's currently the No. 2 vote-getter among NFC quarterbacks, behind only Aaron Rodgers. Unfortunately, that's not the criteria anymore, so he's got his work cut out for him. He's not tearing up the stat sheet, but if Romo maintains his incredibly efficient level of play, I think we could see him get an invite.



Bryan talked about a key to the game being Dallas' ability to cover Odell Beckham, so do you assign Orlando Scandrick to follow Odell wherever he goes? I don't feel confident in Brandon Carr's ability to stay with him.

Bryan: We always talk about how Rod Marinelli might play his secondary in these games, and the one thing that we have learned is that, unlike Rob Ryan, he is more interested in keeping players at their positions than moving them around for matchups. From what I have seen, Scandrick will play Beckham to his side and out of the slot. If Marinelli decides to do something different in scheme it would be a first for him because that is the way he operates.

David:I'm aware of how pedestrian Brandon Carr has looked for parts of this season -- he was a big part of the big nights that both Cecil Shorts III and DeSean Jackson had against this defense. That said, I still trust the Cowboys to cope with a talented receiver more than a dangerous tight end. Larry Donnell did plenty of damage in these teams' first game, and tight ends in general have given this group fits. Beckham is going to get yards, but I think the corners can prevent him from taking over the game -- which has more or less been their recipe for success all season.

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