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Mailbag: Toughest Place To Be A Cowboys Fan? Linebacker Depth?

Having been a Cowboys fan since 1965 raised in the Eagles nest and lived in Big Blue country since 1974, where in America do you think it is the hardest to be a Cowboy fan?

Bryan: No doubt Philadelphia. I worked for the Eagles in 1998 and never told a soul that I was born in Dallas. 

David:This is hard for me to answer, because I didn't grow up as a Cowboys fan and I've only ever lived in Dallas during my time working for the team. But I've traveled internationally covering the Cowboys, and I can say without a doubt that the most hostility I've seen is in the Philly area. Passionate is an understatement for Eagles fans.

We have a lot of bodies to create a lot of competition along the defensive line and in our secondary. What are your thoughts about our starters and depth at the linebacker position?

Bryan: I like what I have seen from Anthony Hitchens and Damien Wilson so far. This John Lotulelei has looked good moving around as well. Interested to see Mark Nzeocha and these young UDFA guys as well with pads on. 

David:Sean Lee is a given, and either Anthony Hitchens or Jaylon Smith will start at middle linebacker – depending on Smith's health. I would assume Damien Wilson is your starting SAM linebacker. After those four guys, I'd guess the primary depth comes from Mark Nzeocha and Kyle Wilber. Those guys are versatile and they can play special teams, which helps their cause for keeping their roster spots. 

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