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Mailbag: Trade Possibilities On Cowboys' Roster? Ryan Russell's Development?


Could it be possible to package Darren McFadden and Ron Leary for a possibility? I mean, McFadden may be the odd man out of rotation and Leary is an unhappy player.

Bryan: I always like outside the box thinking, but I do not see them moving either player any time soon. Stephen Jones said that he would not move Leary unless it was a significant deal and that is going to be difficult due to his medical history.

David:Technically, yes I suppose that could be possible. But I don't see why the Cowboys would have the incentive to do that – especially right now. McFadden and Leary both provide valuable depth. What if the Cowboys dealt them away, and then they suffered injuries during training camp? If a roster move is in the cards, I don't think it'll happen until August or September.

After reading Rod Marinelli's comments about how Ryan Russell made a complete 180 from last year, is it possible he starts this season or is at least considered a vital part of the rotation?

Bryan: It was a good start for Russell but its jerseys and helmets right now. Russell physically looks different but he will need to find a way to stay healthy to be a part of the rotation.

David: Ryan Russell has a huge leg up just by virtue of the fact that DeMarcus Lawrence and Randy Gregory are suspended to start the year. That's two extra roster spots that'll be available for Marinelli to work with. It's hard to judge right now, but Russell looks like he's making progress in Year 2.

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