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Mailbag: Trying The Supplemental Draft? Favorable Looks In The Passing Game?

Would the Cowboys consider using a draft pick in the supplemental draft for Adonis Alexander? If so, what round would they use, fourth or fifth? He is tall like Kris Richard likes.

Bryan: I haven't seen the player myself, so it's hard to comment from a talent standpoint. From what I am hearing, Alexander might be projected as a safety? So I need to follow up and get some eyes on him myself. The draft is July 8th. 

David:I don't know much about Alexander, other than that he's going to enter the supplemental draft. Just as a general rule, though, I feel like the Cowboys value their draft picks too much to get rid of one during the summer. Who knows, though. To your point, Alexander looks rangy and this coaching staff may be intrigued by him.

Do you think the running game will suffer at all with the way the WR is set up this year, not knowing who will emerge as WR1? Or do you think Dak being able to spread the ball around to all the receivers, and Tavon as threat, will make the running game even better?

Bryan: What will make the running game better is a healthy Tyron Smith and Ezekiel Elliott not having a suspension hanging over his head. I also like the addition of Connor Williams at left guard. It gives the line stability. Even though he's a rookie, I believe he'll make a huge difference. 

David:I really don't, to be honest. I would argue that the Cowboys didn't have a true No. 1 receiver in 2016, as Dez Bryant finished with just 50 catches – and that worked out just fine. I think the run game will work as long as Ezekiel Elliott and the offensive line are all available. And if it's working, Dak is going to see some favorable looks somewhere else on the field.

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