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Mailbag: Upgrading The Talent On Defense? Jaylon's Outlook For 2018?



What do you see the Cowboys doing to improve their defense next year? Any playmakers you see them trying to go after?

Bryan: Just getting started on this upcoming NFL Draft but there are several defensive players they could go after. A lot of that depends on the position you want to address? Really like what I have seen from the defensive line at both tackle spots and corner. Need to do further work on these linebackers because that's the area of most concern.

David:If it was up to me, my top priority would be making sure that DeMarcus Lawrence and David Irving are on this team in 2018. Doing that helps secure your pass rush moving forward. I also think the Cowboys need to upgrade their talent at linebacker and safety. They are not going to be big spenders in free agency, I do not think, but those are goals they can accomplish in the draft.



I read an article on where Jaylon Smith was quoted about feeling elite again after about nine games.  I would like to know if the tape supports that.

Bryan: I wouldn't say elite but doing a better with his movement and his eyes. His Notre Dame tape was elite and if he hadn't got hurt, there is no way that this club would have been able to draft him. I wouldn't bet against him in 2018, but I don't know if he would ever be as good as he was in college.

David:It was a bit of a roller coaster ride with Jaylon this year. He looked phenomenal in his limited action during the preseason. Then, he struggled when injuries forced him into the fire. With Sean Lee and Anthony Hitchens both healthy in the final month of the season, he once again picked up his level of play. I cannot say for sure that he will be an elite player, but I do think his arrow is pointed upward. I think it is fair to be optimistic about what he can contribute in 2018.

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